With the well designed properties and durable quality, the AMAANDO® products have been used in wind turbine generators as well as other energy exploration/extraction equipments and have been proven to withstand harsh conditions that are typical of energy sector.

At AMAANDO®, our commitment to clients is not only shown from the responsive after-sales service; our dedication to the success of client’s projects is also demonstrated by the numerous occasions where the AMAANDO® team provided professional input and technical support throughout client’s project design phase. In energy sectors, our team has had various experiences sharing its oil seal knowledge to assist clients with various prototype designs of wind turbine generators – we believe this is hardly achieved by those without technical know-how and genuine commitment to their clients.


With continuous focus on stringent quality management, AMAANDO® has met specific requirements of several global clients and been proudly supporting an array of reputed end-user brands with our quality-assured products – We not only manufacture OEM standard oils seals, WE MAKE THE ORIGINAL.

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