Who we are

Amaando have been established since 1975, supplying high quality radial shaft seals globally. Setting up distributors across the world to service customers requiring our products.

In 1990, Australia became Amaando’s new headquarters for main operation, design, research and development, sales and technical support.

Today Amaando manufactures, stocks and supplies a wide range of high quality seals and bearings for automotive, motorcycle, marine, earthmoving, agricultural, and energy exploration and extraction applications in Australia, Europe, America and Asia.

AMAANDO® Design and Manufacture over 40 years

In addition to the range of seals we stock, we design and manufacture custom and OEM seals to our clients’ specifications – high quality products that under rigorous test conditions have proven to outperform others.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, the availability of our stock and our exceptional customer service – ideals that have contributed to our growth and success for over 40 years, and commitments that we intend to keep.

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