At AMAANDO, we don’t just stock and supply a wide range of seals.

We prefer to add value to our services and clients by getting to know and working closely with you to address your specific requirements. Requirements we fulfil by:

  • Our friendly and professional approach to customer service
  • The range and availability of our stock
  • A delivery service which is responsive to your needs.
  • The ability to provide technical advice and input to address or improve your prototype
  • Our expertise in custom design and prototyping to your specifications.

All of which makes us the premier one-stop sealing service centre of choice.

AMAANDO® Design and Manufacture over 40 years

In addition to the range of seals we stock, we design and manufacture custom and OEM seals to our clients’ specifications – high quality products that under rigorous test conditions have proven to outperform others.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, the availability of our stock and our exceptional customer service – ideals that have contributed to our growth and success for over 40 years, and commitments that we intend to keep.

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