At AMAANDO®, we take pride in supplying products of premium quality and long-lasting durability. We however believe the quality product itself does not serve as the only cornerstone to build client trust and ensure long-term loyalty. This is why at AMAANDO®, we embrace a client-centric vision and endeavour to work closely with clients to address their requirements and live up to their expectations – we believe this is how the value is added to clients and leads to true satisfaction.


At AMAANDO®, we are on hand to listen to clients and address their needs. Over years, our experienced team has assisted clients with various requirements which include but are not limited to:


Custom Development

Proudly carrying the most extensive range of automotive and industrial seals in the market under the AMAANDO® brand, we understand there could still be chances that seal parts of special type, materials or specifications are not readily available. In this case, the AMAANDO® team, backed by years of oil seal knowledge and industry experience, is able to custom develop seal parts to accommodate clients’ requirements. At AMAANDO®, we make the ambition to ensure clients receive solutions to their sealing requirements without compromise on the unavailability of product.


Prototype Advisory  

Backed by years of oil seal expertise, AMAANDO® team provides clients with seal design solutions throughout the product prototype phase. In the past, our professional input has assisted clients to achieve optimal seal functionality on their new products so that improved the overall designed properties.


Kitting Service

We understand the benefits kitting service may provide to many of our clients looking to streamline their warehousing process while not sacrificing the operation efficiency. We thus help by stocking a wide array of off-the-shelf seal and bearing repair kits for replacement on automobiles, earthmoving equipment and forklifts of popular makes and models. In the case that a repair kit for a specific model is not readily available from our warehouse shelf, we are able to provide kitting service to client’s requests.


With continuous focus on stringent quality management, AMAANDO® has met specific requirements of several global clients and been proudly supporting an array of reputed end-user brands with our quality-assured products – We not only manufacture OEM standard oils seals, WE MAKE THE ORIGINAL.

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